redwood bark

handcrafted + felted messenger bags


progressing. a commission. I’ve started and taken it apart a few times, now it feels right. I am using undyed deep brown Peruvian eco wool as the foundation with a rugged textural knit for the base.  From there, a warm brown rust colored mohair is intertwined to form the main section.  ethereal and warm. of the earth.

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Susan’s Messenger Bag

handcrafted + felted messenger bags
it's a very slow methodical process

it’s a very slow methodical process

A commission by Susan Daar, a very beautiful person inside and out. Through a series of talks, I got an opportunity to understand more of who she is and her aesthetic; the piece reflects this.  The messenger bag is made of a mixture of wool and mohair fibers.  Here is a bit of the process-

Canyon’s Bag

handcrafted + felted messenger bags


An honored request from activist and writer Canyon Sam, this bag is based on her book.  Sky Train:  Tibetan Women on the Edge of History.  PEN/Open Book Award.

created with undyed Himalayan and domestic Yak wool. dyed and undyed eco Peruvian highland wool.

a thread of deep brown yak wool is woven throughout symbolizes the struggle for cultural continuity and the hope for perseverance for the Tibetan people.


bag in process before felting.

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after felting more subtle intricately integrated fibers emerge.

the process continues

what we see outside who we are inside. section two


perception. a small segment. a cross section.

individual writers and artists. all different. all women.

30 writers and artists who embarked on this journey to articulate their thoughts on the AAWAA project: Hungry Ghost, have been photographed by co workers, friends, family, and by the author.  For this installation, they were asked to respond, in ten words or less, to the query “Who are you?”.